Brokerage services



Brokerage services encompass mediation in sale and purchase of securities upon Client's Order, on one’s own behalf and for third party’s benefit, with provision fee.

CG Broker – Dealer has many years of experience in brokerage business, and since founding date represents one of the leading brokerage houses per share in turnover and number of stock exchange transactions. CG Broker-Dealer in brokerage business mediated for over 58.000 clients. Clients are legal entities and individuals, domestic and foreign parties.

CG Broker – Dealer performs brokerage activities so that after the conclusion of general agency contract on handling the securities (shares) receives customers’ Orders for sale and purchase of securities that are traded in Montenegro Stock Exchange , and after receipt of Order confirmation fills them into the stock trading system pursuant to Client's request. Mediation provision is the brokerage fee charged in accordance with the Price List (see: General acts)

Receiving of Clients’ orders is performed on business days from 8am to 4pm, at the headquarters of CG Broker – Dealer, via fax, e-mail, and in all branches of Atlas Bank. Procedure of receiving the Order and receiving conditions are stated in our Terms of Business (see: General acts).

CG Broker – Dealer in brokerage business for Clients performs sale and purchase of stocks, bonds, investment units, i.e. all securities registered in Montenegro Stock Exchange, exclusively per Order and instructions of the Client, with the highest effort possible to achieve the best effect. Also, we mediate in sale and purchase of securities in primary market.

CG Broker – Dealer is your secure choice in brokerage business!